A test blog

I rarely took clients to my own living quarters but on occasion if I didn’t want to pass up on their business AND judged them level headed enough, I did. I was after all renting for many years and sometimes I chose to risk it. I do maintain I selected my customers carefully and cowardly avoided any I deemed slightly scary. Last thing I wanted in my life was an obsessive stalker and luckily, unless you count the strange GAY weirdo that pressed a note into my palm instructing me to repent my sins. I was not interesting enough to attract such attention.

Living in small one room bedsits meant I also needed to play music for reasons of privacy. I basically had three working styles.

Hard Street Vibe: I played 2pac, Ice T, Snoop and Ice Cube. The gangster style harshness of their lyrics with gunshots and sirens created an atmospheric musical backdrop to the rough blunt smoking Working Class rebel they saw in me.

Wildly Intoxicated in the early hours: I stuck on Bjork, Skunk Anansie and selected Prince. It is an observation of mine that whores seem to relate to Prince. I chose these raucous commotions to enhance the notion I was more out of it, as some people seemed to like that.

ImageSoft and sensual: This I left mainly to Mariah Carey, Shola Ama & Janet Jackson, although not Rhythm Nation which is way to dance orientated. Soulful melodies gave the illusion of a longer and less hasty sexual experience.

It was vital that I also appeared to take pleasure or at least not detest the whole episode, nobody want’s to be made to feel repulsive and slowing things down gave the impression I enjoyed it.

If you’re on the clock, playing the same albums gives you the perfect indicator of time passing and I imagine not many punters got to hear beyond track five.

Now I have no idea if this blog is interesting enough to keep you coming back to my site whilst waiting for my book release but it is my first official one, so give me a chance


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