Remorquious: Isn’t actually a real OED word. It made itself up, melded on a melancholic walk whilst analysing events after my only visit to my dying father. It is the silent respectful atmosphere felt inside places of worship. A reverent unspoken concern often displayed by those around the terminally ill or grieving. Also verbally expressed with platitudes or shown by the bowing of heads as a funeral procession passes by. 


Although it can be found in the urban dictionary, cause om street like that.  To all you naysayers who think I am unqualified, unworthy & yes, uneducated therefore should be so presumptuous it is too late Remorquious my word is out there:

remorquious stance

He was taken away, In light of day
He soul slipped into a silent trip
countless people lined the streets
breathing echoed heartbeats
Mourners came from near and far
remorquious stance to farewell a star
though he was gone he watched on
to his suprise his hole in the skies
Let him watch over, from heavens above
peacefully, eternally, watch over his love

Rachelerika Henderson :

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