My Taste in Music- or some of it

Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 9.42.25 PM

I basically carried my music collection around with me since I bought my first cassette tape of Santana, Abraxas at the age of 16ish. I was sort of a mini rocker in Wolverhampton so got into Led Zep and Pink Floyd. UB40 and Prince were also prominent and much more my preferred taste. Then I moved to London and came out.

I worked in a pub, we hosted Drag Nights so I heard camp stuff, like Show Tunes & Musicals. 90’s Acid House arrived and in my spare time danced to Happy Monday’s & trip hop. Got more into rap listening to the Beastie Boys, Ice T & Cube. Salt n Pepper, Monie Love & TLC. Then there were all the soul ladies. Ruby Turner and Mariah Carey. I liked Diana Ross too cause she asked me to dance. In Ibiza as I got older I preferred chill-out but when I cleaned the house Garage music.

Nowadays I have 6000 plus tracks on my Imac and listen to everything forwarding through, stopping on the sing-a-longy ones. AND I’ve just got into Dolly Parton which is steering me into Country. I ain’t too keen on ABBA though.


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