Candy Crush Socks.

I’m not one for wasting money on tacky merchandise, brand names or designer labels.

Seeing class-conscious people desperate to appear “stylishly trendy” rush out and practically throw cash at shop assistants for the privilege of advertising some corporation logo is nowadays, laughable and no longer for me. I grew up.

I have no idea why I spent years loyal to a brand of jeans that didn’t even know I existed. For some unknown reason I decided once I had a bit of cash, I could only wear one specific type. Madness because a few years prior I was dressed in any old castoffs most of which didn’t even fit.

Thinking a £100 pair of jeans elevates your social standing more than a £20 pair is idiotic.  The flaw being that no matter how much a person pays for an item of clothing there will always be some more expensive, flashier labelled, designer gear on sale. Therefore attempting to be seen as a cutting edge fashionista will always draw sneers from those wearing £500 jeans.  In turn others wouldn’t be seen dead in a branded pair when there are fashion designer ones costing a staggering £5000 on sale. After that made-to-measure bespoke tailored aficionados will still be scoffing at those buying “off the peg”.  I don’t want to discourage people from bolstering the economy, simply give a viewpoint.  The amount of businesses created to service these “look at me, I’m rich” people is unbelievable. Flash Cars, Champagne, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Holiday Locations, Exclusive Sporting Events almost every business out there is catering to the boastful spenders and I am well aware a lot of people find employment and that tax revenues are also (sometimes) paid.

I personally believe understated elegance and showing polite manners to be a stylish sign of classiness. Plus the really well-to-do hide their wealth not flaunt it. I learned I don’t always have to be dressed to the nines just to walk my dog in the woods and it is better to buy five different coloured pairs of cheap jeans than one expensive pair. Saying that I just forked out a ridiculous amount of cash on two pairs of socks.


How tacky are they. Kitsch extreme and a big waste of dosh. OR NOT as my cheap excuses mount. Firstly they are bright and colourful and lift my spirits. Secondly I can’t stand sorting out the pairs on laundry day so now only buy one-off’s to make life easier. Thirdly, I have an addictive personality and am stuck on level 350 on my Candy Crush game, I believe they will give me good luck.

I will further justify my frivolous purchase with the knowledge I have saved myself heaps of cash over the years by moving away from the attitudes of the big city to the country where what you wear matters not.

UPDATE 7th August 2013…

Hyperventilate … I did it !!! Yay Fluffin’ Yee

I completed level 350 in Candy Crush Saga!

I scored 316 300 points and got 2 stars.

I did it WITHOUT my new Candy Crush “lucky” Socks, which means… em?    I’m EXTRA lucky.


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