Prologue – Paulyanna – Beta Version

Prologue - Paulyanna - Beta Version

Arranging a prenuptial agreement to protect wealth from gold-digging partners was all the rage around the millennium. Before that it was generally overly anxious parents judging, vetting and being very vocal in order to safeguard the interests of their offspring.

Some of you may have been the victim of this judgmental process, some of you most of your life. I know I have, and guess what? something tells me it may flare up again. After all I’ve been accepted into Swiss society not exactly under false pretences, as I only tell the truth but I do tend to omit stuff.

Perhaps I fitted in easily because all my friends are kind-hearted and intelligent or maybe because Swiss being very private people think it odd to divulge personal trivialities to anyone other than their closest, so I didn’t bother. Although I do have one girlfriend to whom I chat with. I was introduced as Paul from London that worked in Music Television. Much better than my west-end debut of, that fuckin’ rent-boy from the black country don’t you think? This allowed me a chance to win them all over with my charm.

So I avoided all those pride and prejudice side glances and hushed comments. In my opinion acknowledging one to be even slightly more equal, in turn highlights the other as inferior and therefore unfairly balances the union of two. Being hit with a list of demands or ultimatums can quickly shatter any romance and plant seeds for future conflict. How would you react if given list of twenty demands that needed to be agreed upon before advancing further?

And, how do you respond to a simple yet fundamental statement? One like “I want to know you are not acting on a whim and your love is true.”


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