A blog off the top of my head without editing my thoughts or stopping my flow. Ummm difficult would help if I had an inkling of what to write about. Hubby is in the garden cutting the grass, me and the dog are hiding from the sun inside. Well it’s obvious…

I was going to say it is obvious where I am but with todays technology of which I have no idea I could be in the garden too.

What crap I’m spouting now I must apologize I’m trying to type as I think . So where was I ? Nowhere, sorry in the house.

I’m doing a NO EFFORT BLOG not out of spite. BUT because I’m up against it on creative time. I usually prepare my blogs a week in advance but I’ve been editing MY BOOK.

Wow I’m such a self-doubter, or at least I think I am, AM I? yeah, a little bit anyway.

Talking rubbish is a speciality of mine and although I haven’t said much I’m already trying to work out how to wind this one down. Perhaps I will reach 500 words as that (after reading perfect blogging) is average for blogs, Something I’m not.

So I’ll leave it hanging and do a word count, check spelling and even, if I’ve learnt anything grammatise it too.

Just looked down it was only 224 so perhaps I can get a wee joke out. Well actually that doesn’t work as I’m meant to be free flowing and I just had to stop to think up a gag. Never mind you’ll have to go without, besides the reason I’m doing a lazy blog is cause nobody LIKES them anyway. Arrr poor me; ☺

How nervous am I? Imagine if nobody likes my book it’s like them saying your life is shit too.

The freedom of closing my frontdoor and not giving a damn, see I was gonna say shit but stopped myself it’s impossible to free flow really. I’m stopping this crap. PS: I love everyone that reads this.

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To celebrate the LAUNCH of my EPIC FAN PAGE…..

I have posted the first two chapters of my novel –PAULYANNA- for general opinions and review. Please be gentle with me.



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