Long Blogs???


Let’s chat, chat? naw, read.

When perusing blogs I myself actually read the opening line and then see how many words are to follow.

Most occasions thinking “I just haven’t the time” or to put it another way “Car be Arsed”

I myself have some massive blogs.

GO READ if you have the time.  Some are almost GOOD

These words I’ve poured over for hours trying to sound intelligent.

Then I see I had only ONE hit.

It’s a great leveller. When I allow my imagination to dream of global success. I log in and my expectations hit the deck.  No HITS AGAIN.

BUT: At least on WordPress I don’t get the feeling I’m shouting into a deep dark cave.  Unlike Twitter, which I hate with a passion and service like a regular client I don’t really want to do.

So from now on I will attempt to keep my word count below 500.

Do YOU have an opinion on word counts?


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