Road to publishing

Road to publishing

OK here is the latest development in my road to publishing.

I have finally hit the send button to upload my book onto the kindle site. Step One, in my quest to hold a paper book written by myself.

It would have already been done if it wasn’t for my trouble understanding websites.

Didn’t notice I hadn’t pressed send. So I spent all last night logging into Amazon to check if it was LIVE then after a restless night dreaming about it woke, logged on only to discover my error.

It can take up to 12 hours to go through the process and you can bet every one of those will be agony.

Next step will be to load it onto Smashwords, whom I believe also send out Print-on-Demand books. This version is being formatted so will take a while.

Then looking towards REAL books as I suspect not many of you own a kindle or e-reader.


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