I write because I really want to scream…

I write because I really want to scream...

I had my book accepted – I printed copies – I have them here – proof copies – I didn’t like the formatting of TEXT – not squared like a real book.

I had the amended file uploaded –

Now it’s all gone tits up…

I entered P D Lovell in the initial set up form.


Now it’s suddenly become Company Policy not to accept it.

I am still looking at the two copies in my hand – It took a mere two days to upload, accept, print and deliver to Switzerland – I praised Create Space – I blogged it – Now I look like a dick –

I WILL NOT abbreviate my name… it means a great deal to me…

Dougy Lovell was my dad – He’s dead now 😦 It is his birthday today.

How arrogant “I am here to assist you….I understand your frustration….unfortunately…if you have any other problems…happy to help…”

I want to email the boss – The REAL one – Not anyone with a “Head of” prefix.

If I write my next complaint email on the same weekday… Perhaps I’ll get the helpful one.

Are Create Space book people? I thought literary folk were intelligent.

I write because I really want to scream…


AMAZON eBook- 

NOOK eBook-

ON iBooks too.


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