Got my 9th rejection yesterday


I am told to persevere that I should send out at least one hundred. What people don’t understand is, I hate going cap-in-hand to these people. Sending creepy-arse proposals is not me. BUT I bite my lip and in return receive a big slap in the face. AND that’s from the nicer ones who have bothered to one-line me with fake platitudes. Today I’m disheartened. 

Although I do think I am becoming immune if not a tad bitter. So I won’t be sending out any more begging letters just yet. PDL


Discover what goes on behind the glassy eyed smile of a male street worker. A stereotypical cliché? Perhaps.

I attempt to knock away any preconceptions about damaged goods using plain spoken truth. No added glam or grit, this is my unapologetic story. A social history report. (of sorts).
Regards PDL

Truth is often better than fiction so read more biographies:


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