Bovine Jigsaw Pieces


Sometimes I do question myself in regard to my advertisements… BUT NO LONGER… I think it is time we all embraced the weird as well as the wonderful.

So here is my latest creation… Bovine Jigsaw Pieces… Please don’t ask, it was after midnight when I designed it and I was somewhat wasted.

Inspired by local surroundings and a love for my adopted country. Note the cowbells and Switzerland’s national flower The Edelweiss.

Paulyanna International Rent-boy takes you on a perilous journey from the back-streets of England to various worldwide destinations before delivering the reader to Switzerland.

Discover what goes on behind the glassy eyed smile of a male street worker. A stereotypical cliché? Perhaps.

Using plain spoken truth, I have attempted to knock away many preconceptions regarding damaged goods. No added glam or grit, this is my unapologetic story. A social history report. (of sorts).




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