I feel like a right pilchard

So I’ve made another advert. This time I thought I’d do a fish.
 My logical thought (cause i do have them)  was that there are many fishy analogies and euphemisms I could stitch together to make a post topic.  Big Fish Little Fish, There’s Something Fishy… Oh I don’t know… there must be loads of ‘em.
BUT really I just like the fish shape and thought a Paulyfish would look cool.  Also ‘sh’ words sound so nice, even more when you include the ‘i‘ as in ishh.
…ANYWAY an hour or so later I had my picture to attract…
“Now I feel like a right pilchard”
Once again, I have no idea how my new advert relates to Paulyanna International Rent-boy. Unless those few incidents of me almost drowning and a passing mention of boil-in-the-bag fish count.
Still it’s done now.  The question is, did it work? Press LIKE for yes.  For No, give yourself a slap for lying. And please never lie to yourself.
Truth is better than fiction so read more biographies:

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