I have much love for my adoptive country, Switzerland. A conservative land that is perceived by outsiders to be as chilly and hostile as it’s mountainous terrain. An elitist clique in the centre of, yet still outside Europe.

In 2000, to a country yet to legislate gay marriage, I applied for residency on the simple premise that I was gay and in love. I had no transferable skills to offer.

Refreshingly to me, a life-long interloper I was accepted.

My lawyer told me a similar case had been rejected. Perhaps the theatrics of “Because I’m gay.” offended when asked “Why should Switzerland accommodate your request.” Unwarranted arrogance doesn’t sit well here.

The Swiss didn’t prejudge me as working-class, I was simply English. Funny how being made welcome as turned me into a keen conformist. (kinda)

In a football match between England & Switzerland I support the team that supports me. Hopp Schweiz. On that score not much as changed, they are both challenged 😉

I’m proud that against the odds, I escaped from the harsh inner city concrete of my past to the lush land of chocolate and cheese. On sunny days you can catch me twirling about the hilly-meadows von Trapp stylie. I thank the Swiss for my new existence.

You can read about my epic journey in Paulyanna International Rent-boy.








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