I will ignore the scoffing cynics in my head, those so called guiding ancestors that make me second guess and question my every word. I hear them starting “Who are you to, blah blah blah… Think you’re something … … “

If I listened to them I’d most definitely be sitting in a dark, dank basement with shiny wet walls and musky carpets. So I’m going to keep the faith that my writing is worth YOUR attention and continue on with my self-promotions.

Yesterday I searched for a new book to read… I tried to choose a free kindle… It was impossible… Regurgitated plots with frat students and cheerleaders is all I found… In fact 99% of fictional books be that self-published or traditional are LAME and humdrum…

They offer nothing new, no inspiration just the same tripe-shite written by a different person… I tend to make generalisations, but like stereotypes, they don’t happen to exist because of one or two similarities.

Try finding something unique and you’ll be hard pressed, struggling writers, private investigators and sassy women seem to dominate every genre. Was going to put ALMOST EVERY but don’t think I’ll bother.

I then decided against a FREEBIE and wanted to pay for a best seller, one that had been made into a movie- Even then e-book reviews talked about typos and missing words breaking the flow of the reader much more than style and story content.

Which brings me back to MY BOOK – professionally edited – fresh prospective – true story – BUT screams BACK OFF! because I chose to maintain my honest approach when choosing the title. Paulyanna International Rent-boy…

Uneducated street urchin pens inane drug fuelled ramblings… Actually that sounds not bad.. 1990s road-trip memoirs from the gutter… How to succeed on wits alone… It is all of these things… It is (part of) my life story and is full of facts, messages of encouragement and nostalgia.

Torn rags to glad rags, a modern fairy tale romance is how I see it.
There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance but I’m not sure where it is. So I’m going to assume that one best-selling day you will get around to reading it… Why not cut to the chase, buy now while it is on sale… AND while you’re at it, write me a heartfelt review to help me on my quest.

Many thanks for reading and to all those lovely people who have supported me already… you have my sincere gratitude xxx PDL




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