Work in Progress (1st draft)


By the time spring had arrived Christmas, as well as most of the toys were a distant memory. Carole’s space-hopper was the first casualty. It found a piece of broken glass and hissed itself flat. Various key pieces vanished from Jason’s Mousetrap game, the glass marbles from his Ker-Plunk found various holes in the floorboards or were lost when playing for keeps in playground marble competitions.

Darren somehow misplaced the bucket and eventually the spring from his Buckaroo mule. The only gift survivor was Mark’s record player stroke sideboard, which was set up in the living room. Carole and Paul made a makeshift stage behind the curtains in the recess of the bay window. It wasn’t a very impressive stage, in fact it was barely big enough for the both of them. An old kitchen worktop found underneath the Pigeon Pen raised off the floor using house-bricks.

They would pop on The Best Of Top of the Pops ’71 then dash behind the curtains. When the music sounded, they swiped open the drapes. With a dramatic whoosh the metal wheels slid along the curtain-rails and with a questionable flourish the two of them elbowed and sang along to songs like, Knock Three Times and one of their favourites, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. The irony of singing where’s your momma gone was not lost on the motherless children who seemed to relish teasing one another as they wiggled their hips and wagged their fingers.

(1st draft of my work in progress) I remember desperately searching the house looking for this album, I must have been around 6 at the time. I wanted to hear I’m still waiting by Diana Ross.

Diana Ross gets a whole chapter in my first book.


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