Love… I reckon I know what love is; please don’t side glance me with condescending scoffs. Assumptions that Paulyanna International Rent-boy knows nothing of this treasured concept. It is true I have emotional issues and a warped reality, but if love is an intense fondness, a deep devotion and total respect for the feelings of someone you hold dear then I believe I got me a heap of that love stuff.
I know for sure, on instinct I would attack like an alley cat to protect what I have and also that my loyalty is absolute.
About the heart symbolism:  When I fell in love with my rat (Chinese horoscope), it was pretty instant…  I‘m quite an impulsive monkey 🙂 “Hoo hoo haa haa” and on instinct I scampered behind my heart trusting only in 運 luck.
Hope you liked my advert for Paulyanna. Kindest regards PDL

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