Bern visit.

Just returned from my first holiday in ten years, a short alpine spa break. Not that I’m overly health conscious or a slave to the body beautiful. This was a very welcome break from the norm, a rest for my writer’s brain, which has been working overtime for the past two years. So for a whole week I managed (with questionable ease) to completely stay away from social media, email checking and mobile phones. The latter being a breeze as my phone battery died two years ago. I do have a charger but as I don’t have children or a boss, I don’t need to be contactable on demand or check my bank balance on the go.

I’ll try to keep this post brief. Went to Bern the capital city, stayed one night in the centre.

This city made me swoon. Here is my favourite building, the federal parliament. Much of the state architecture is of this grey-green Bernese sandstone. Bold sturdy blocks, regimented and ever so butch.


We visited the Rosengarten on one of the hottest days this year, thirty-four degrees or thereabouts.


After smelling the roses we headed to the restaurant. My ever-prepared darlin’ had reserved table on the patio over looking the city. The camera I have is a bit crap at seeing what I see when pressing the shutter. So my pictures don’t do the view justice.


After a lunch of cold roast beef, tartar sauce and fries, we checked into our room and then went shopping. When I packed for the trip I was hit with the sad reality that, all my old glad rags no longer fitted. I had nothing decent to wear. Most of my clothes are doggy clothes or youthful tops with writing on. As I’m trying to become more dignified I purposely sought to buy age appropriate clothing. Two plain short-sleeved shirts and a pair of dark shorts later, I gave up. Oh yeah I mustn’t forget the pair of plastic sunglasses that just happen to be glamorously large enough to cover the bags under my eyes.

We have a very large car boot so my hubby insisted that Princess Pea (no idea why he calls me that) should pack my special Waitrose earl grey tea bags (available in Manor) my favourite mug and also the kettle. Yes I know, mad in it? Funny how in the hotel the kettle was missing, and just has I had brewed up, the maid knocked with the kettle.

In Switzerland many things are overpriced, meat is regarded as a luxury food in our house. Therefore dinner at The Beef, a reputable steak house is a proper treat. Shame I already had roast beef for lunch. Never mind I chose Bison with side orders of coleslaw, mushrooms, and fries washed down with two glasses of red wine. I feel full just remembering how much beef I ate in Bern.

Oh and as sizzling as the day was, we sat inside. A loud English speaker three tables down provided a little entertainment, moaning how all her dinner friends were peering down at their phones. And for once I could understand why. She was so bloody loud and spoke the most boring crap you could imagine. If I wasn’t so sophisticated I would have told her to shut her trap, but I ay like that. Still the chef sent us a complimentary aperitif. After dinner we took a late evening stroll, found a quiet corner to gaze out over the city whilst catching a cool breeze. That was Bern.


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