Author Intentions for Paulyanna


My intentions when writing Paulyanna International Rent-boy were to share the somewhat unorthodox adventures of the main character, Paul.

I wanted to deliver an authentic voice, to reshuffle the mindset of a mainstream audience. To lay bare a known yet often misunderstood existence. To raise a qualified voice that has experienced the prejudices and assumptions of society. A soul that has walked the miles.

Dwelling on the past serves no purpose, yet it would be remiss not to outline childhood events that have left their mark on Paul’s psyche. Inadvertently I have reenforced some stereotypes because real life tends to. It is no revelation to discover the neglected and misused in the gutter. To witness uneducated waifs straying along pathways of intoxicants. The percentage of sexually abused amongst street walkers is somewhere in the high 90s. Paul’s story is typical in that sense.

Yet Paul is an ordinary individual, with goals and aspirations no different to yours. A place to call home, financial security and to be loved.

Whilst writing I attempted to develop the character’s personality as events influence his growth. Sculpting a finished product worthy of the public’s admiration rather than its scorn. To present a slut with guts, and half a brain. To reveal the guarded emotions locked behind those glazed expressions.

There are many worldwide locations portrayed along the lines of an alternative tourist guide. Hence the tongue-in-cheek title, Paulyanna International Rent-boy a morph of international playboy. Topical events, name dropping and historical facts are sprinkled within to add flavour and to cement, by association the existence Paul in the real world.

Before reaching his final destination you will witness flaws galore and ridiculous predicaments. You will not see contrition. No embellishments and very little heart-string manipulation. There are a quite a few running themes amongst the pages, optimism, faith, music, travel, love, writing and vomiting. 😉

I truly expect many of you will enjoy this refreshingly honest life-journal.

One last point I have learned, ‘expectations often lead to disappointment’, so please read the samples available before purchasing.

Thank you for your interest, kind regards PDL.





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