A review of sorts


GOLD… pure and simple… The main reward for writing. I thought I’d use it has a sales review. (I don’t have many)
Hey Paul. Just wanted to let you know that I read your book over the Christmas hols (Husband bought me a kindle and it’s the first book I bought) I really enjoyed it… that’s mostly what I wanted to say! I nearly freaked when Stuart appeared in it with Bernard though I hadn’t realised you knew him! I had a very intense friendship with him from about the age of 16 for about 3/4 years. He moved to London and we gradually lost touch, although not before I visited him in his Peckham squat, at that tme he was on smack and living with a very attractive ex model, I dont think they got out of bed very often, it was very like visitng John Lennon and Yoko. I think this may of been the last time I saw him.. I didn’t even know he had died until some time after it had happened. I still think of him and talk about him often and every time I hear a Hendrix track Stu is in my head so it was lovely that you bought him back to life in your book. Any way thanks Paul, it was a great read and I look forward to the next one. What an amazing life you have had and by the sound of it are still having. Well envious that you live in Switzeralnd..I still in Wolves…it’s still a shit hole, all be it with a certain charm…. Happy 2016 x

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