A Review (made me a bit weepy)

5.0 out of 5 stars Paul is a risk taker in the way only those with big brave hearts dare to be and this makes for a wonderful tale.
on 10 January 2016
I read this book over the Christmas holidays and I think my husband may of regretted buying me my Kindle Fire as he barely got a word out of me for the days I was reading it. It is a riveting read! My initial interest in the book was due to the fact that I knew the author and his family from school days and I was naturaly intrigued and curious to see how life had panned out for the youngest Lovell, However I defy anybody to not be captivated by this story of a young gay man who leaves very humble beginnings to find a new life in the big city and what a remarkable life it is!
His entry into the rent boy scene is almost accidental and what follows is a fascinating tale of the years that follow. He tells his story with an honesty which while always endearing is at times also heartbreaking. That said what struck me most was the total lack of self pity that the author has for the difficult start he had in life, his indestrucatable optimism and his resiliance and determination to live his life his way, answering to no one (although frequently worrying about offending the man upstairs with whom he has a surprising and touching internal dialogue with throughout the book).
The book is full of colourful characters and encounters, Paul is a risk taker in the way only those with big brave hearts dare to be and this makes for a wonderful tale. Throughout the book he grabs every opportunity offered and runs and runs and runs with it, often without any clear direction but always with a total openess to just see where he lands which is both inspiring and uplifting.
While at times gritty this is a book that will definately leave you feeling good and maybe like myself a little humbled at what he has managed to achieve against some pretty tricky odds. Cannot reccommend highly enough!

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