Attempting purity


Haiku… So you’ve seen me writing my micro poems which I also refer to as haiku and 5-7-5s (mainly because I never knew which was what). I had a vague idea and went with that.
It is a great way to express much in few words. Although that isn’t the half of it and I am just beginning to find out. Now I’m in between drafts of Playing Out, I started to ask questions and read up. I avoided it before.

I’m mortified… I was doing it so wrong. Hadn’t a clue even when I did it right. I only started them help me improve. To learn to be economical with my words. Now I’m getting properly tangled up in it.
Sad thing is, the more read the more I see my mistakes. I cringe imagining the scoffs of intellectual snobs, of which social media has a few. Me not, can’t be the bullet and the gun.
So, for better or worse, I’m going to attempt a purer form of haiku… we will see. Hopefully you will approve of the changes.
Novice-Scribbler. PDL


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