Here’s to 2017



Ciao 2016. Goodbye and good riddance. I began the year with high hopes and expectations, after all, 2016, year of the monkey was meant to be MY YEAR. I waited twelve years for it to come back around and was convinced that it would be a life changing one.  I know I live in a half-dream state, with my superstitions and beliefs. I tend to believe what I want. So when I read a horoscope telling me, I was in for a stinker of a year, I chose to ignore it, after all there were plenty of others that said all the nice things. I don’t normally celebrate new year’s eve as I’m not a drinker, per se, but I will definitely be raising a glass, with relief and trepidation to welcome in 2017.

I can’t really complain as nothing terribly negative happened in my personal or professional life and tragedy only hit me indirectly with the deaths of people I admire, like Bowie & Prince. I will try to retain my optimism in 2017 by avoiding the news articles and any issues of importance. I hope that all my allies and friends will forgive me in advance if I don’t join in with the petitions and condemnations. Instead I prefer to counter-post unhappiness with yawning puppies.  So make a wish for 2017 and fingers crossed.



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