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A publication… VICE MAGAZINE

W’hooo! I’ve been included in something literary. A publication… VICE MAGAZINE

Book release




Playing Out – Swings and Roundabouts outlines the first ten years of Paul’s life.

Abandoned by his mother at six weeks old, he lives alongside three brothers and a sister being raised by their lorry driver father. Struggling to cope, their father does his best to provide but living on state handouts means the children often go without.
Being motherless has a huge impact on every aspect of his existence. In way of compensation, swings and roundabouts, Paul is afforded the freedom to roam. Hardships aplenty, lacking the nurture that often comes from a motherly embrace, Paul is being sculpted, his life is playing out.

Set in the 1970s, the older reader can enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane and the youngsters can view the offline existence of kids who wore flares and had bad hair. Products and television programmes, toys and confectionery, the sweetest of memories entwined with the roughness of a working-class environment. Street games, scrumping and sewage tunnels. A patchwork quilt of Paul’s memories stitched together using a rather coarse yarn makes this story a true account of British social history that is both poignant and humorous. All the main elements of the story are genuine incidents, although many of the people and places have been distorted to protect the guilty and to assist with the flow of the narrative.




Playing Out: Swings and Roundabouts is now available on Amazon.
Soon to be on Smashwords and other ebook sale sites such as Apple. Paperback due out next month.


USA Kindle link:  http://amzn.to/2aQhcaV

UK Kindle link: amzn.to/2aQnuo4




To encourage sales and to gain customer reviews (which are crucial for success) I have discounted Playing Out: Swings and Roundabouts to the lowest price possible.

Kind regards PDL.

Books Store Links:

http://amzn.to/2aQhcaV (usa kindle)

amzn.to/2aQnuo4 (uk kindle)

apple.co/2bu5MDT (iTunes)

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/660844 (smashwords)

http://amzn.to/2coB1Gg (paperback)

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5 Star Review

Stephanie Dagg reviewed Playing Out Swings and Roundabouts
Rating * * * * *
Aug 2016
snails.jpg SeventiesPO.jpg
This is a very lively memoir of the author’s younger years growing up with his three older brothers, his one older sister and his dad during the 1970s. Money is tight and times are hard but Paul not only survives but thrives, thanks to his eternal optimism and his ability to make the best of every situation. No new toys? Make up a game with smelly socks. Having to do the food shopping with his sister? Play bowling with tins of beans down the store’s aisles.
He inherits from his father a strong sense of right and wrong. It may not always tally exactly with everyone else’s but young Paul has strong principles and sticks to them. Whilst he does try to play by the rules, he decides that only God has the right to pass judgement. He therefore regularly wheels and deals with his Maker over “minor transgressions such as scrumping, thumping and the occasional fib” and firmly believes in a banana-filled heaven. This is just one example of how the irrepressible youngster navigates his way through his noisy, boisterous, deprived childhood.
Paul doesn’t dwell on the hardships in his life. They’re simply there and he has to carry on regardless. For example, when he and his brothers and sister suddenly find themselves in a children’s home, when their father temporarily can’t cope, there’s no upset, merely a quick adaptation to this new life. And when the children are returned home, then they all just pick up from where they left off with no questioning. It’s this pervasive inspiring, non-resentful attitude that makes this book such a gem.
Nostalgia publishing is currently hugely popular. (For example, there are lots of biographies of erstwhile stars about to hit the bookshops for this Christmas, and Ladybird books and Enid Blyton have been revamped for a new audience.) Books like Playing Out show why this is the case. When done well, as here, this genre evokes a past era that those who’ve lived through can recognise and enjoy reliving, and those who haven’t can get a real sense of what it was like to be there. It would do the Millennials and later generations good to read this book and see that you really can be happy with no phone, hardly any telly and a handful of simple toys and some oranges and chocolate biscuits in your Christmas stocking!
This is a truly enjoyable book written with a sharp eye for detail, lots of humour and an infectious happy-go-lucky zest for life.
An absolute must-read.

Got my 9th rejection yesterday


I am told to persevere that I should send out at least one hundred. What people don’t understand is, I hate going cap-in-hand to these people. Sending creepy-arse proposals is not me. BUT I bite my lip and in return receive a big slap in the face. AND that’s from the nicer ones who have bothered to one-line me with fake platitudes. Today I’m disheartened. 

Although I do think I am becoming immune if not a tad bitter. So I won’t be sending out any more begging letters just yet. PDL


Discover what goes on behind the glassy eyed smile of a male street worker. A stereotypical cliché? Perhaps.

I attempt to knock away any preconceptions about damaged goods using plain spoken truth. No added glam or grit, this is my unapologetic story. A social history report. (of sorts).
Regards PDL

Truth is often better than fiction so read more biographies: http://powerpuffgeezer.webs.com/book-reviews



A huge fan

A huge fan

Paulyanna advocates the use of cannabis and believes all arguments against it are unfounded and biased.

However, he advises smokers to quit damaging their lungs and to invest in a vaporizer.

Purchasing from street dealers inadvertently funds criminal organisations and perhaps terrorism. Marijuana should be legal everywhere.

This is an advertisement for PAULYANNA INTERNATIONAL RENT-BOY

Truth is often better than fiction so read more biographies: http://powerpuffgeezer.webs.com/book-reviews



Dogs, cats and rats.

Dogs, cats and rats.

Dogs, cats and rats like it. I believe you will too.

Read my unsophisticated tale of a rebel with one or two flaws.


Discover what goes on behind the glassy eyed smile of a male street worker. A stereotypical cliché? Perhaps.

I attempt to knock away any preconceptions about damaged goods using plain spoken truth. No added glam or grit, this is my unapologetic story. A social history report. (of sorts).

Regards PDL

Truth is often better than fiction, so read more biographies and read these reviews: http://powerpuffgeezer.webs.com/book-reviews



(note: It is presently cheaper on Smashwords)

A Top 500 Amazon Reviewer.

I’m gushing after receiving a brilliant five-star review from… 

 … CHRISTOPH FISCHER … a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer.  

 The outstanding author of The Luck of the Weissensteiners. 

Which is currently nominated on Indie Author Land 

Top 50 literary novels worth reading.  


…But enough about Christoph, this in MY spotlight… 


This review is from: Paulyanna International Rent-boy (Kindle Edition)

Insightful and fascinating memoir, April 14, 2014

“Paulyanna International Rent-boy” by Paul Douglas Lovell is a very accomplished memoir that tells with great honesty and no false pretence the story of a gay working class man, who, amongst many other things, gradually comes of age during his younger years, Coming to terms with his family situation and his class position within society, poverty, religious aspects of his life and his own personal needs are just as big a part of this memoir than his chosen profession as rent boy, first in London and then in other places.


His private life, his feelings for his customers, his friends and his lovers are described with tact, understanding and love. His book shows insight into the gay world of the 80ies and 90ies,a world I witnessed first hand, also in London, and I must congratulate Lovell for his accurate and sensitive portrayal, describing the life as it was, without exaggeration, unnecessary drama or political victimisation.


If you are looking for a book that does cover this world without bitterness and blame then this is for you. An insightful and fascinating read.



My posts not showing AGAIN

How pissy-offy is it to service a blog since last July then find it doesn’t work properly and there is no tech support???


If you know me OR are interested to read my drivel PLEASE visit my blog site every once in a while.

Gonna start writing soon… ???

Gonna start writing soon... ???

So I wrote a book… The green one you see gracefully receiving an uppercut.

My comic style advertising campaign … which on the whole is totally ignored…

BUT I do enjoy doing them… They take an absolute age to make…two days, more sometimes…

Can’t draw AT ALL and I have been described as possessing a rather warped perspective.
(well that’s what the file stated) 😉

So I make collage art hoping to get sales…

Writing blogs chomped chunks out of my day they yielded the odd LIKE (i do like LIKES…very much) So I quit the lengthy show your personality monologues long ago. I replaced them with Haikus…

I try to Post one a day… but they take up thinking time on my dog walks…

My dilemma is my next book was supposed to be a follow-up… BUT if people are not interested in book 1, well…???

Hope my punctuation of three dots isn’t too pissy-offy. I don’t do punctuation.. My editor does that (get me, pah my editor).

I’m not even asking for advice here… It’s more fishing for sympathy…. I know the lofty will say write it for the craft, for the love of writing… Yeah I feel it, however.

My vanity project will begin to look extremely desperate if I start to write “LOOK AT ME pt2”
when I can foresee everyone saying “Yeah we already know and it’s shit” 🙂

So I need validation through sales & reviews…

whats that song I hear ? … Like a circle in a spiral, a wheel within a wheel… I feel motion sickness already…

So BUY my book… Oh yeah, price?… I know it’s not one dollar still it is 142,000 clipped trimmed and tightly edited words.

You can find it EVERYWHERE almost.